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Christy Forrester, M.A. LMFT LPCC EMDR

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Christy Forrester understands the unique needs, extraordinary challenges, and absolute requisite for higher confidentiality standards of the celebrity psychotherapy client.

Prior to working as a psychotherapist, Christy's background was in the entertainment industry.  In her teens and early 20's, she worked as full time Screen Actors Guild Actress (SAG) in projects with Eric Estrada, Whoopy Goldberg, Ted Dansen, Woody Harrelson, Patrick Bergen, Chad Lowe, Dana Plato, Peter Berg, and many others.

"I have always been moved towards humanitarian needs and have a deep desire to make the world a better place.  This desire lead me to work with John Frankenheimer".   In 1995, Christy worked as John Frankenheimer's Director of Development and was 1 of the 4 who auditioned Angelina Jolie, who later won best actress for the Wallace Project.    "I admired Frankeneimer's work with Manchurian Candidate, The Burning Season, and Andersonville, and later, The George Wallace Project.   I was fascinated by the way in which he integrated film and politics thru the use metaphor and narrative, therefore creating historic thought provoking works of art that educated the public.  John endeared himself to me by sharing fond memories of Bobby Kennedy, his closest friend, the effects of Manchurian Candidate, and the aftermath of the RFK Assassination."    

Working in the elements can be very difficult.   We would shoot for 24 hours thru rain, wind, heat or cold.  Everyone needed to be "on point" and look and perform their best.  Not only is life "in front" of the camera difficult, my old friend, Patrick Bergen shared with me the importance of the time off or in-between projects is.  It can make you or break your entire career.

"Working in the entertainment industry, one observes the extraordinary potential of the human spirit, understands true resiliency, and the use of metaphor and the narrative in the healing process."

Christy is available for set calls, in home services, Skype , or office sessions.  Working with a therapist can increase your insurance bonding process while you are working on your next picture.  If you are struggling with relationship issues, substance abuse, or stress, contact Christy now, as her availability goes quickly.